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Cold Laser

Cold Laser Weight Loss Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy can help you make the right choices.  Even being moderately overweight increases the rate of death particularly in ages 30-64.  Weight loss as modest as 5 to 15% reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, and improves cholesterol levels.

Cold Laser Therapy releases your body’s natural neurochemicals and helps reduce your appetite.  It also reduces cravings for sweets, raises metabolic rate and is a great stress relief.

Cold Laser Therapy is completely painless and relaxing.  It gives you the edge to eat properly and increase your energy levels to start an exercise program.

The program includes nutritional counseling, Cold Laser treatments and guidance and advice to achieve your weight loss goals.  We individualize your program to fit your lifestyle and your program is guided by the physician.

The way it works is low level laser light stimulates your 37 acupuncture points, which regulates your metabolism and reduces your appetite and cravings.

Get back on track to a more youthful metabolism and a healthy diet.

Stop Smoking Today

Cold laser therapy has the highest success rate of all methods of smoking cessation.  Nicotine patches have only a 23-28% success rate and the new smoking pill at best has a 40% success rate with taking the medication for 6 months to a full year!  Cold Laser therapy has an 80% success rate with 1-3 treatments.

Low level Cold Laser utilizes the lasers relaxing energy to stimulate acupuncture sites on the ears, nose and wrist in a 28 minute session.  Studies show a remarkable success rate.

Low level Cold Laser has been cleared by the FDA as safe.  It is completely painless and even relaxing.  This treatment releases endorphins to relieve you of your nicotine addiction.   We work on three areas with the treatment.  First we treat certain points for addiction to nicotine, second we treat other points that will control your appetite so you will not gain weight, and finally we stop the withdrawal symptoms such as edginess and irritability.

Let us help you become a non-smoker.  Start today and within 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse return to normal.  Within 3-9 months your lung capacity will increase up to 30%.  Non-smokers  lower their risk of heart attacks and strokes.  Respiratory conditions such as Asthma and Emphysema improve when you quit smoking.